Be a Better Tech


Be a Better Tech

My name is Ken Broeren and I love technology and teaching.

I've been in the Information Technology industry as an employee and as a consultant for over 20 years. I've worked with Fortune 500s to small organizations and non-profits. 

What holds back so many technical people is typically not a lack of technical knowledge; it is more often difficulties with communication, teamwork, and personal organization.

I think the best technologists are the ones that have an in-depth technical knowledge AND can effectively communicate, work well with a team, and are organized to keep track of the craziness that comes with being a part of an IT department.

Be a Better Tech content will provide you with the following:

1.I will give you new tools and techniques to help you advance your technology career

2.I'll share examples of errors and mistakes that I have made (or seen others make) to help you avoid them

3.Help you increase your effectiveness as a technology provider

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